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Name:☼ oerba dia vanille.
Birthdate:Mar 19
Being made a l'Cie, it's not easy. I mean, look— even I'm kind of worried. ❞

But even if we don't know what will happen, we have to keep our dreams alive. Have something to look forward to... ❞

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baby chocobos, being disappointed in hope's libido, being the chocobo whisperer, bhakti, bright pink chocobos, bursting personal bubbles, but what the fuck is a restaurant even, butt capes, cakefarts is a tradition on gran pulse, chocobos, ciao!, crying herself to sleep, cute things, defying fate, dinosaur chicken nuggets, director fluffy, distracting distractions, faaaaaaaaaaaang, fake smiles, giggling, grabbing fangs tits, gran pulse, harassing farm animals, holding hands, hope estheim, hope's boomerang, hug everything, humming songs that don't exist, humping romantically, i can't read this shit, i didn't know you felt that way!!, i'm sorry i'm so sorry, impossible outfits, inappropriate cheerfulness, killing bears for fashion statements, killing bears solo, laughing, lightning farron, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, narrating games, naturey things, nautilus, noel kreiss, nonconning friendships, nopille, oerba, oerba yun fang, playing, pulse pile, running away, sazh katzroy, sexual breathing, sheep, skipping, slapping fourteen year olds, smiling, sniffing flowers, squeeeeeeeeeeeze em till they pop, sugar and rainbows, suspect battle noises, taking care of the livestock, there are dinosaurs i hear them, too many beads, turtles!, unskippable orgasms, yay us!, you-knee-verse city
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