23 January 2029 @ 11:05 pm

permissions post   
I'd prefer it if you didn't, and furthermore, if you need to fourthwall a series that isn't XIII, it would probably be best to make up a fake series name. So something like Spiderman could be Arachnidboy or... Stuff like that. Creativity is fun, world-shattering revelations that you're a fictional character are not! Also, you can feel free to make vague references to things Vanille wouldn't know about, but... She won't get it, anyway.
Absolutely! I'm slow myself, so, I'm 100% fine with backtagging and slow threads. I try to be quicker with things that are more important to characterization, but, as long as we're not getting into months-old late territory, feel free!
I don't mind at all, but asking permission from both myself and the other person involved would probably be your best bet not to step on any toes! Otherwise, feel free, I'm all for it. :)
Offensive Subjects?
It depends. Murder, hurting people, stuff like that, I don't mind, but things like rape and stuff are sensitive subjects, not really for myself but for other people, and I'd rather gauge the comfort of everyone beforehand. Sex and the like is totally fine with me! ... Obviously.
If you can get to it first! Vanille is a very touchy-feely character, and she hugs people and touches them without asking permission on a pretty constant basis. Kissing is a bit different, since it's more romantic and not at all casual, but, I don't mind, and she only would if the time wasn't... You know, appropriate for something like that. Touching depends, too! If it's just friendly, she's all for it, if it's sexual... We'll... probably need to talk about that! (But I'm not against it, ohhhh no.)
Go ahead! Watch her get flustered or not notice. It'll be fun.
Let's talk about it first if it's a physical fight. Verbal fighting is totally okay with me, so there's no need to ask permission because she'll just be sassy about it or argue anyway! (Secretly, I love having her argue with people.) Physically, she will fight, but she's mostly a magic user.
Feel free to hurt her in ways that won't leave marks if that's the direction the thread is going! However, for anything more than that (hitting, restrincting, binding), please ask first!
Definitely ask first! But probably no. I don't like killing characters off very often, and if I do, it's part of a bigger plot and not just... Arbitrarily!
Mind Control?
Again, ask!