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☼ oerba dia vanille. ([personal profile] brightens) wrote on April 8th, 2012 at 02:01 am
rin okumura (m, ao no exoricst)
sazh katzroy (m, final fantasy xiii)
lightning farron (f, final fantasy xiii)
oerba yun fang (f, final fantasy xiii)
snow villiers (m, final fantasy xiii)
serah farron (f, final fantasy xiii/-2)
hope estheim (m, final fantasy xiii/-2)
noel kreiss (m, final fantasy xiii-2)
badou nails (m, DOGS) dropped
delita (m, final fantasy tactics)
tsubasa hanekawa (f, bakemonogatari)
masaomi kida (m, durarara)
albedo piazzolla (m, xenosaga) dropped
yukio okumura (m, ao no exorcist)
desmond miles (m, assassin's creed)
wheatley (m, portal) dropped
ivan karelin (m, tiger & bunny) dropped
ayato kamina (m, rahxephon)
paradox (m, yugioh) dropped
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