23 December 2020 @ 12:30 pm
( ☼ ) KINKS ; NSFW  


   kink list


± Oral
= Vaginal
± Breastplay/nippleplay
± Handjobs/fingerjobs
± Mutual masturbation
± Teasing
= Intercrural sex
± Accidental stimulation
∞ Squirting
= Dirty talk
= Fingers in mouth
∞ Gentle sex
∞ Rough sex
+ Scratching
± Biting
± Hair pulling
= Spanking
± Light bondage
± Blindfolds
± Sex toys
∞ Size differences
∞ Age differences
∞ Very experienced partners
∞ Inexperienced partners
∞ Awkward sex
∞ Multiple positions
= Force
= Seduction using dirty talk
± Groping
∞ Clothes on/partially clothed
∞ Clothes fetishization
± Multiple orgasms
∞ Voyeurism/exhibitionism
∞ Group sex


± Footjobs
= Anal
+ Dubcon
= Bloodplay
± Heavy bondage
= Breath control/breathplay
= Degradation
= Pain
+ Pegging

Anything not listed? Just ask!


± Scat
± Watersports
∞ Guro
± Infantilism
± Inflation
∞ Furries
± Vomitplay
+ Bloodplay
+ Breath control/breathplay
+ Degradation
+ Pain


+ giving     = receiving     ± both
∞ preferences; not necessarily something one can give or receive

Please Note: There are some things I just can't stretch my imagination to have Vanille do and still be in-character. These kinks reflect more what I'm willing to do with her, and not my actual preferences. I'm flexible on certain things provided there is some kind of outside influence to get her to do them.

Also, expect things like her topping to be, usually, more playful than anything; she's not the most dominant of people and, when she does top, it tends to be more giggly or fun.
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☼ oerba dia vanille.[personal profile] brightens on April 8th, 2012 02:01 am (UTC)
rin okumura (m, ao no exoricst)
sazh katzroy (m, final fantasy xiii)
lightning farron (f, final fantasy xiii)
oerba yun fang (f, final fantasy xiii)
snow villiers (m, final fantasy xiii)
serah farron (f, final fantasy xiii/-2)
hope estheim (m, final fantasy xiii/-2)
noel kreiss (m, final fantasy xiii-2)
badou nails (m, DOGS) dropped
delita (m, final fantasy tactics)
tsubasa hanekawa (f, bakemonogatari)
masaomi kida (m, durarara)
albedo piazzolla (m, xenosaga) dropped
yukio okumura (m, ao no exorcist)
desmond miles (m, assassin's creed)
wheatley (m, portal) dropped
ivan karelin (m, tiger & bunny) dropped
ayato kamina (m, rahxephon)
paradox (m, yugioh) dropped
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